Jack my Black Labrador

Wagsters Dog Walking Services

Are you worried about your dog being left "home alone" ?

Wagsters Dog Walking Services provides a unique and fun way for your dog to enjoy a regular session of exercise, fun and stimulation with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment. Wagsters group walks are in sheep fence secured fields at Sauchenhall Farm (see pictures below), allowing your dog safety whilst off lead, and acres of space to play and run around. You can be rest assured that your dog will enjoy a fun packed outing without the worry of being in a public place or near busy roads.

Group Dog Walking

Wagsters is primarily designed to provide your dog with exercise and stimulation with other dogs "off lead" and in a group for maximum fun and excercise.

Dogs are pack animals and naturally want to be in a group to interact, run about, socialise and generally "play".

Wagsters Group Dog Walking is therefore only suitable for dogs that are comfortable and accepting with other dogs, unfortunatley we cannot walk dogs that are aggressive or domineering with other dogs (or people!).

The safety and enjoyment of your dog is paramount to Wagsters and I will, of course, introduce new dogs gradually to the group and off lead environment, to ensure the development of happy and friendly relationships within the pack. New dogs quickly become friends and are soon running about having fun.

Owners will be required to give written permission for their dog to be allowed to walk and play off lead for insurance purposes.

Individual Dog Walking (on lead)

This service is available by arrangement for dogs that are not able to be included in a group walk- please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.  Wagsters is keen to provide a bespoke service to dog owners to ensure both you and your dog are happy with the Wagsters experience.

Puppy Service

Specially created for your new young puppy, Wagsters will prepare an individual excercise and socialisation plan designed around you and your dog's requirements. This may include home play, lead practice, socialisation with my dog in your home/garden, developing into short local walks until your dog is old enough to join other Wagsters dogs in the fields at Sauchenhall Farm. As one of my clients put it "They get to go to the big school!"

Collection and Delivery

Dogs are collected and delivered free of charge in Wagsters specially adapted van and are transported in individual cages for their safety and comfort. They will be given a quick towel dry and paw wipe before being dropped off after enjoying a run and play in the fields at Sauchenhall Farm.

Some of the fields at Sauchenhall Farm used for Wagsters Walks.